ICMC 2008 Photos

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L to R: Mickie Akenson and Bill Malone L to R: Lindsey Bler and John Rumble L to R: Lindsey Bier and John Rumble L to R: Melinda Bender and Mike Torian
Charles K. Wolfe Memorial Panel Featuring Country Music U.S.A. - L to R: Ronnie Pugh, John Rumble, Judy McCulloh, Bill Malone, and Tracey Laird Mary Dean Wolfe Dust-to-Digital's Lance and April Ledbetter
L to R:  John Hauser, Jim Murphy, and Gregory Hansen Maggie Warwick Performs! L to R:  Erika Brady, Maggie Warwick, and Mickie Akenson It's Impolite to Point! - L to R: Travis Stimeling and Stephen Shearon.
Jimmie Rodgers Panel - L to R: Nolan Porterfield, Holly George-Warren, Barry Mazor, and Jocelyn Neal Presider Linda Daniel Introducing Paul Wells
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