33rd Annual International Country Music Conference

Program Schedule

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Pre Conference Function

Holiday Inn Vanderbilt.

The Vanderbilt Room.

Nashville, Tennessee.

5:00p.m.-8:00p.m. "A Multiple Sensory Social Experience"
A Tasting of Calfkiller Brewing Company Products, Multiple Book Launch, Pickin', and Socializing"
9:00-10:00p.m. Commodore Lounge
"ICMC Pickers at Singer Songwriter Night"

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Pre Keynote Sessions

The Frist Lecture Hall.

Belmont University.

Nashville, Tennessee.

10:00a.m.-Noon Registration
Pick a little if you will!
11:45a.m.-1:00p.m. Lunch
Luncheon Talk:Dr. Don Cusic. Belmont University. Nashville, Tennessee.
"Country Music 2016"

Ms. Rachael Williams

1:00-2:45p.m. Dr. Michael Doubler. Macon-Doubler Fellowship. Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
"Worthy of Estimation: Unknown Elements of Success in Uncle Dave Macon’s Music Career."
Dr. Gregory Hansen and Dr. Edward Salo. Arkansas State University. Jonesboro, Arkansas.
"Historic Preservation and Cultural Conservation in Country Music: Case Studies of Johnny Cash's Boyhood Home and KASU’s Bluegrass Monday."
Dr. Thomas Bossius. University of Gothenburg. Sweden.
"Keep It Country! Lots of Fiddle and Steel!: Negotiations and Re-Negotiations in the Swedish Country Music Culture."
Mr. Kenichi Yamiguchi. Independent Resarcher. Toyota, Aichi, Japan.
"The Legendary Phipps Family: The Old Time Country Music Singing Family of Kentucky."
3:00-4:15p.m. Ms. Barbara Rose. Independent Researcher. Taunton, Massachusetts.
"Where Is Ford Rush?"
Dr. Leland Turner. Midwestern State University. Wichita Falls, Texas.
"Ballads in the Bush: Australian Country Music An Indigenous Innovation."
Dr. Tim Dodge. Auburn University. Auburn, Alabama.
"African American Covers BEFORE Ray Charles: Prevalence and Significance."
4:30-5:30p.m. Ms. Jewly Hight. Independent Scholar and Journalist. Nashville, Tennessee and Dr. Nadine Hubbs. University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
"Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Critics: How Class and Taste Shape the Interpretation of Country Music."
Mr. Payman Rezwan. University of Saarland. Germany.
"Just A Dime Store Cowgirl: A Closer Look at the Music of Kacey Musgraves."
5:30-7:00p.m. Social Hour and Informal Pickin'  

ICMC Keynote Event

7:00p.m. Welcome:Dr. Don Cusic. Belmont University. Nashville, Tennessee.
Introduction and Overview:Dr. Erika Brady. Western Kentucky University. Bowling Green, Kentucky.
ICMC Keynote: Perspectives On Country Music and Blues Interaction.
Moderator: Dr. Charles Hughes. Rhodes College. Memphis, Tennessee.
Dr. Ted Ownby. University of Mississippi. Oxford, Mississippi.
Mr. Greg Johnson. University of Mississippi. Oxford, Mississippi.
Dr. Greg Reish. Middle Tennessee State University. Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Friday, 27 May 2016

The Frist Lecture Hall.

The Gordon E. Inman Center.

Belmont University.

Nashville, Tennessee.

7:30-8:30a.m. Registration and Breakfast.  

Dr. Erika Brady Presiding

8:30-9:30a.m. Dr. Anthony Lis. South Dakota State University. Brookings, South Dakota.
"'Playing Steel When Steel Was Cool: The Pedal Steel Guitar in the Life of Young Barbara Mandrell' Revisited."
Mr. Brian Peterson. University of Massachusetts. Boston, Massachusetts.
"Homage from Lower Broadway: BR5-49, Traditional Country, and the 'Lost' Cherokee Boogie Music Video (1996)."
Dr. Nolan Porterfield. Independent Scholar. Bowling Green, Kentucky.
"'None of the Hits, All of the Time': John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music, and the ICMC."
Ms. Caroline Gnagy. Independent Scholar and Musician. Austin, Texas.
"Blood on the Strings: Lewis 'Lefty' Franklin, Texas Fiddle Champion and Murderer"
11:00a.m. to Noon The Charles K. Wolfe Memorial Panel Discussion.
An ICMC Special Feature
"Reflections On Elvis and Country: In Honor Of Elvis's 'Breaking Bad' 60th Anniversary."
Moderator:Dr. David Anderson. Louisiana Tech University. Ruston, Louisiana.
Dr. Michael Bertrand. Tennessee State University. Nashville, Tennessee.
Dr. David Cantwell. Johnson County Community College. Kansas City, Missouri.
Dr. Charles Hughes. Rhodes College. Memphis, Tennessee.
Dr. Ted Ownby. University of Mississippi. Oxford, Mississippi.
Reverend Jimmie Rodgers Snow. Nashville, Tennessee.
12:00-1:15p.m. Lunch

Luncheon Features: The Belmont University Curb Music Industry Awards.
Belmont Country Music Book of the Year Award.
The Rolling Stone Chet Flippo Excellence in Country Music Journalism Award.


Dr. Kristine McCusker Presiding

1:30-3:15p.m. Mr. Kevin Fontenot. Tulane University. New Orleans, Louisiana.
"'A Babel of Confused Noises:' The Career of Colonel Amandus Oscar Babel, the 'Original and Famous Texas Cowboy Pianist.'"
Dr. Paula Bishop. Boston University and Bridgewater State University. Boston, Massachusetts.
"Felice and Boudleaux Bryant and the Transformation of Professional Songwriting in Nashville in the 1950s."
Ms. Karen Raizor. Independent Scholar. Louisville, Kentucky.
"The Best Partners: The Brilliant But Unsuccessful Career of the Whitstein Brothers."
Dr. Michael Longan, Valaparaiso University. Valparaiso, Indiana.
"What Fans Say About What It Means To Be Country."
3:30-4:45p.m. Mr. Fred Bartenstein. Independent Researcher. Yellow Springs, Ohio.
"How Josh Graves Made Flatt and Scruggs Hip."
Dr. Ivan Tribe. University of Rio Grande. Rio Grande. Ohio.
"Radio Dot, Smokey, and Kin: The Henderson’s of Hundred."
Dr. Mark Dillon. University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Greensboro, North Carolina and Ms. Holly Riley. Florida State University. Tallahassee, Florida.
"The Confederate in the Country: Musical Expressions of Southern Identity."

Historic Columbia Studio A.

Nashville, Tennessee.

5:30-7:00p.m. Social Hour, Finger Foods, and Picking.
Nate Gibson and Greg Reish, Picking Coordinators  
7:00p.m. Special ICMC Event
"Country and Americana"
Presented by The Center For Popular Music. Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Greg Reish. Middle Tennessee State University. Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Presiding.
Mr. Jed Hilly. Executive Director. Americana Music Association.
Mr. David Macias. President. Thirty Tigers.
Mr. Al Moss. Owner. Al Moss Promotion.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Frist Lecture Hall.

The Gordon E. Inman Center.

Belmont University.

Nashville, Tennessee.

7:30-8:30a.m. Coffee and Breakfast.  

Dr. Jocelyn Neal Presiding

8:30-9:30a.m. Dr. Jim Clark. Barton College. Wilson, North Carolina.
"Psychedelic Country Redux: Nashville Visionaries, Eccentrics, Iconoclasts, Free Spirits and Oddities."
Dr. Nancy Riley. University of Georgia. Athens, Georgia.
"Knockin’ Em Out and Knockin’ Em Back: Twenty Years of Bloodshot Records at South-by-Southwest."
Dr. Nate Gibson. Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana.
"Hoagy Carmichael: The Country Music Years."
Dr. Chris Wilson. University of Toronto. Toronto, Ontario. Canada.
"There’s Culture In That There Song: Nashville Songwriters as Mediators."
11:00am to noon Dr. Clay Motley. Florida Gulf Coast University. Fort Myers, Florida.
"Conway Twitty at the Crossroads: Race, Music, and Memory in Clarksdale, Mississippi."
Mr. Barry Mazor. Independent Journalist. Nashville, Tennessee.
"How Hollywood Avoided Country Music, Even When You’d Think It Couldn’t."
12:00-1:00p.m. Lunch

Speaker: James E. Akenson. Tennessee Technological University. Cookeville, Tennessee.
"Teaching Country: Focus on Metaphor and Simile."

Various and Sundry Door Prizes


Ms. Karen Raizor Presiding

1:15-2:45p.m. Dr. Jocelyn Neal. University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
"But That Sounds Like…! Quotation, Borrowing, and Contrafacts in Country Songwriting."
Dr. William Levine. Middle Tennessee State University. Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
"Jazz Culture in the Production of Nashville Music: Hidden Threads and Historical Revision."
Mr. David Cantwell. Independent Researcher and Writer. Kansas City, Missouri.
"Billy Sherrill and the 1970s Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival in Country Music."
3:00-4:30p.m. Ms. Mari Nagatomi. Doshisha University. Kyoto, Japan.
"Transpacific American Country Music Before WWII: Renditions of Cowboy Songs By A Japanese American Singer, Katsuhko Haida, in Japan."
Dr. Kirby Pringle. Los Angeles, California.
"Meaner than a Bull at a Rodeo: Violence between Punks and Cowboys in Southern California, 1978-1982."
Dr. Nancy Richey. Western Kentucky University. Bowling Green, Kentucky.
"'Crowing Hen:' The Story of 'Cousin Emmy,' Kentucky’s Pioneering Woman Performer."
4:30p.m. Conference Conclusion and Comments

"Happy Trails"
Dr. Nate Gibson, song leader